Letter 3 of 25

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Letter 2 of 25

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Letter 1 of 25

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How I learnt to not only survive but thrive in college

2 reasons. Because everyone was doing it (FOMO) and because I could (High IQ).

If you already know why you wanted to do engineering, then spending all your time on that burning goal or passion is the best thing to do. In fact, this is the advice I give to most of my juniors. …

4 lessons in 4 years

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The “why” behind the quest

While I was trying to build my own startup, Trustio, in 2016, I realised that I had few hard skills.

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What is “What would you choose?” skill about?

What would you choose” is an easy way to take feedback on a question from public-at-large. It is a polling engine for the world.

A bunch of projects that led me here

The game I made in class 7th looked like this. It had separate cards for each Pokémon you owned for noting down their health points (remaining and total)
  1. Each box had an event planned (wild Pokémon attack, battle with a Pokémon trainer, challenge Pokémon gym…

Pranay Bhardwaj

In search of games that I would enjoy playing, while I still hold the limited time ticket to the amusement park called life

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