Reimagining the smartphone homescreen

Do we really need so much information at all times?


Discovrly — Design concept built by me

Stage 1 — Needfinding, Ideation and Protoype

Storyboard 1
Storyboard 2

Stage 2 — Heuristic Evaluation, Wireframes and Interactive Prototype

Although Prototype #1 was the more ‘realistic’ of the two and there are many people who might feel finding apps based on emotions is not practical, I went ahead with prototype 2 because of 2 main reasons -

1. Google Now and Apple suggestion, along with many other recommendation tools, are trying to use device sensors and user data to show more relevant information to people. Hence my solution wouldn’t have looked very original. In this game, success hinges more on the accuracy of recommendation and hence it was not that big of a design challenge as much as it is a data challenge.

2. Prototype 2 was refreshing, unique and almost a bit childish. Probably not very practical but it gave me a lot of room to think of new solution and hence more fun and probably a bigger design challenge.

It was too much fun to design these. I used Moqups tool for doing the same.

Stage 3 — In-person user interview and A/B tests via Remote User testing

First screen of Interactive Prototype

Stage 4 — Point of view, Packaging and Presentation

Not every need can be expressed in words. With Discovrly, you won’t have to.

This is a walkthrough of Discovrly prototype


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